Building Resilience

The secret to business development.

We strengthen the roots of your business, improving personal and team performance to help you prosper – whatever the conditions.

About Us

We cultivate better results through expert research and analysis, consulting, coaching, training and facilitating.

Whether you’re a private business or public service, we only recommend what’s right for you.

  • Business Solutions

    Your people are the most powerful pillar within your business. Using advanced coaching techniques, we provide individuals and teams with the strength to respond positively to shifting demands.

  • Research & Analysis

    Thorough and accurate research is the vital ingredient behind every solution we offer. We work with you to understand how to maximise performance in your business.

  • Training & Facilitation

    It’s time to get the maximum output from your people through professional performance training.

  • Professional Coaching

    To build a resilient workforce that pushes through every challenge, individuals and teams need to be developed through professional coaching that recognises and builds personal strengths.

What others say

Overall, my coaching relationship with Mary was strong and I had great trust in her. Her skills and knowledge of working alongside me were obvious and it was a productive experience.

Senior MemberAcademic Team

You encouraged me to think wider and deeper and expose the ‘blind spots’ I tend to overlook.

Senior Executive NHS Commissioning Organisation

I found the coaching style to be attentive and Mary helped me to focus and work on my true areas of concern. The coaching helped me to turn the spotlight on myself and take a serious look at my issues, and work on finding solutions and answers within myself.

Sales PersonNational Pharmaceutical Company

For me, the best thing was the self realisation that I simply cannot do everything and to stop feeling guilty about delegating. I now have a clear approach to delegation.

HR Team MemberAn NHS Trust

Partner &  Membership Organisations

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