Anyone who had a heart …

If you are watching Cilla on TV I wonder how many of you, like me, keep singing ‘Anyone who had a heart.’ As I kept singing it, I reflected on the story told in the programme. Yes, I thought about the power of story-telling, the importance of friends and family and the power of emotion.

But having watched the second episode, when Cilla records Anyone Who had a heart, I kept thinking about RISK-TAKING. She took a big risk in recoding that record, Brian Epstein (her manager) was taking a risk and being prepared to stick with his assessment, despite the contrary views of others. This all reminded me that in business we have to:

  • Be prepared to take risks;
  • Have confidence in self and our views;
  • Show courage;
  • Be persuasive.

So, like me I hope you enjoy the final episode, keep singing and reflect on the importance of risk-taking and courage in your work.

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