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Curiosity to refine – asking questions

During a recent coaching session my client said ‘I have a curiosity to refine.’ The context was the improvement of the service his team offer to the wider organisation. The phrase ‘curiosity to refine’ appealed.

  1. Curiosity implies an openness and a willingness to question. The OED defines curiosity as “a strong desire to know or learn something.” Just imagine, if we went about our work with a true spirit of curiosity, what we may learn and how we may see things differently. 
  2. ‘To refine’ is about building on success and extending what is already done well. Too frequently we focus on ‘what is wrong’ when in fact we can learn so much from ‘what is working well and can we do more of it.’

How can you become curious to refine? What skills will enable you to adopt this shift in mind-set to your context?  Asking questions and listening can open up conversations and offer the opportunity to explore different perspectives. Asking people ‘what do you like about our service?’ may well tell you what people really value and give you the chance to extend this way of working.

A curiosity to refine is fired by a real desire to develop and implement new ideas and to build on current success. Ask one powerful question to-day fired by a curiosity to refine and see what you learn.

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