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Actions for resilience

Over the last 12 months we have supported NHS organisations and private sector businesses to take actions to strengthen resilience.  This work with clients draws on our research in to resilience and ensures that clients are taking actions that will deliver results. Here we look at some of the work currently underway to illustrate how […]

Emotions in the workplace

We are all human, and that means emotions in the workplace. Emotions in the workplace can be positive, negative, frustrating, energising – whatever they are, they  are contagious. Have you noticed, a few moaners and the energy is low; lots of enthusiasm and the energy is high. To have an engaging and productive workplace we need to […]

What made you smile today?

What made you smile today?’ Take 2 minutes to think what has made you smile today? Was it something on your drive in to work? Something one of the kids said? A colleague? A patient? It could be one of many things….. How did it make you feel? Happy? Valued? Positive? Those feelings generate positivity […]


To make good decisions in the workplace, which we have to do with great frequency, we need to be able to call upon our thinking strengths. Yet, do we know what they are? Do we stretch our ability to think and challenge ourselves to think differently? We need to think about how we think.