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Resilience – a hot topic

As part of our on-going inquiry into resilience, Mike recently attended the British Red Cross conference. Here is his review; we are also hoping that some of the great people he met there will contribute later this year to the blog – so watch this space.

British Red Cross Resilience Conference -Review

Resilience is a hot topic at the moment and for good reason. It is being used to help understand how business and society as a whole can learn how to adapt to changing circumstances and not allow incidents such as recession, volcanic eruptions and flu epidemics to prevent us from being able to carry on and in some cases become stronger in order that strategies can be put in place to help us better manage similar experiences in the future.

British Red Cross has recognised the growing interest in resilience and decided to provide a conference in April this year on the subject ‘Putting Resilience into Practice’. In his opening speech Sir Nick Young, CEO for British Red Cross told us that at their recent strategy meeting they decided to put resilience at the forefront of everything they will be doing over the next few years.

The conference provided speakers from a number of organisations including neighbourhood programmes, prisons and national emergency response teams. All of which gave fascinating insights into what they had learnt about what special ingredients make for effective resilience. Read more

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Developing your resilience

I am interested in how we sustain our personal resilience. I am sure I am not alone in experiencing doubts, hearing a negative voice that questions what I am doing. Questions like: could you have handled that better? What else could you have said? How shall I handle this person?

I know my inner negative voice loves to criticise and find fault. If I gave in I’d probably retreat under the duvet and only occasionally peep out. So, what helps to keep me resilient – strong and flexible?

I aim to rationalise, think through and move forward with confidence.

One strategy I use is to detach from the critical voice. Ask, what can I learn from this viewpoint? How would it sound if the message was put positively?

I also find being able to reflect – back, forward and in-action are vital to keeping grounded and positive. From reflections I can learn and be flexible in response to changing situations.

As a coach, I find supervision is vital to strengthening my resilience. That’s a story for another blog.

For now, let me invite you to take a moment and ask yourself:

  • What triggers can undermine your resilience?
  • How can you handle these triggers?
  • What opportunities can you create to sustain your resilience and show your strengths?

Smile – keep strong.

Mary Holmes, director Development Solutions


Welcome to my blog. Here you will find short informal articles – quick, easy to read and full of ideas for personal and team development.  In addition, I will provide summaries of my book reviews and comments on books I am reading.

I already have a number of guest bloggers who have kindly agreed to contribute over the coming months – a mix of people with a wealth of experience in the corporate world, large public sector organisations and academics. So, a broad mix offering different perspectives on current topics.

In the coming weeks I am presenting to the Yorkshire Women in Management Group on ‘Growing Resilience’ and attending a coaching network event, all will provide scope for short comments about relevant topics. In addition, I am involved in a project on engaging leadership so will include some material from key reports on that – along with thoughts on that thorny question of ‘how’.

I am very keen to hear what you would like included – so let me know what topics are of interest and what will be useful to you and colleagues.

Best wishes, Mary