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Developing your resilience

I am interested in how we sustain our personal resilience. I am sure I am not alone in experiencing doubts, hearing a negative voice that questions what I am doing. Questions like: could you have handled that better? What else could you have said? How shall I handle this person?

I know my inner negative voice loves to criticise and find fault. If I gave in I’d probably retreat under the duvet and only occasionally peep out. So, what helps to keep me resilient – strong and flexible?

I aim to rationalise, think through and move forward with confidence.

One strategy I use is to detach from the critical voice. Ask, what can I learn from this viewpoint? How would it sound if the message was put positively?

I also find being able to reflect – back, forward and in-action are vital to keeping grounded and positive. From reflections I can learn and be flexible in response to changing situations.

As a coach, I find supervision is vital to strengthening my resilience. That’s a story for another blog.

For now, let me invite you to take a moment and ask yourself:

  • What triggers can undermine your resilience?
  • How can you handle these triggers?
  • What opportunities can you create to sustain your resilience and show your strengths?

Smile – keep strong.

Mary Holmes, director Development Solutions


Welcome to my blog. Here you will find short informal articles – quick, easy to read and full of ideas for personal and team development.  In addition, I will provide summaries of my book reviews and comments on books I am reading.

I already have a number of guest bloggers who have kindly agreed to contribute over the coming months – a mix of people with a wealth of experience in the corporate world, large public sector organisations and academics. So, a broad mix offering different perspectives on current topics.

In the coming weeks I am presenting to the Yorkshire Women in Management Group on ‘Growing Resilience’ and attending a coaching network event, all will provide scope for short comments about relevant topics. In addition, I am involved in a project on engaging leadership so will include some material from key reports on that – along with thoughts on that thorny question of ‘how’.

I am very keen to hear what you would like included – so let me know what topics are of interest and what will be useful to you and colleagues.

Best wishes, Mary