mountains of Mull


In life and at work, we need to expect the unexpected. In my experience the unexpected happens. A few weeks ago I was sailing past the Isle of Mull. It was early May and the mountains of Mull were covered in THICK snow. Beautiful and very unexpected. The unexpected is not always beautiful, sometimes it can highly disruptive and can knock us off track. How can we handle the unexpected, especially in the workplace?

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book cover

Optimize your Strengths

Optimize your Strengths is the new book recently published by James Brook and Dr Paul Brewerton. It reveals how you can use your strengths to get the best out of yourself and your team. The Director of Learning at Facebook (Stuart Crabb) describes it is a trove of ideas to help you have a greater impact at work.

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theatre in stratford-upon-avon

Much Ado About Business

It can all be much ado about business, whatever we do. In business, we all need new ideas and to seek out lessons from other business people, both current and in the past. Which got me wondering, as we celebrated the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, about his business skills and overall success. Was he as successful in business as he was as a playwright? Well, there’s a contentious idea! And so, can we learn from his success? Was he, in fact, the Alan Sugar of his day? What, another mad idea?!

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Feeling drained? Get slinky

 Do you feel drained? Facing endless change, new demands, tightening resources? To-day’s shifting workplace pressures can make us feel drained when we need to feel energised, strong and flexible. Get slinky; like a slinky you can learn ways to overcome challenges and move forward. So the good news is that resilience can be learned (Southwick & Charney, 2012), thus increasing your ability to cope well in the face of all that is draining.

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felix the cat

I don’t know … grow your curiosity

Curiosity may have harmed the cat but it can work wonders for us!

“Knowledge is finite,

Ignorance is infinite.” (Karl Popper)

I spent an energising day yesterday at the Yorkshire Ladies Be Inspired Conference to celebrate International Women’s Day. There were many inspirational speakers and some fascinating business women exhibiting their work. It made me appreciate how much we all know, and how much we don’t know.

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Mary presenting on how to shape up

Have heard how to place your strengths centre stage?

Have you heard me speak about how to place your  strengths centre stage? Would you like to hear me speak again? Want to know how to place your strengths centre stage? Now is you chance as three opportunities are coming up in March and April. Let me encourage you to be your best and to put your strengths centre stage. You and your team can find ways of working that will really make you high performing.

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‘High-5’ your leadership + 1

Business needs effective leadership that engages employees in developing and following through plans for success.  Our experience shows that the 5’A’s can have a positive impact on employee engagement and customer satisfaction. ‘High-5’ your leadership, achieve those great results and exceed expectations.

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a dog looking miserable

How to get and keep a positive mindset

A positive mindset evades this dog as he seeks his path in life!

Ever heard that negative internal voice, the one that says ‘oh no you can’t?’ Had that dragging negative feeling causing your shoulders to drop? I guess we all have. Those are the times when we need to reach out to get and keep a positive mindset. We need to tune into to the positive internal voice that is our personal cheerleader and that feeling of ‘YES I can.’ The positive mindset gives us energy, the encouragement to reach out for our dreams. How to get and keep that positive mindset?

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Team Resilience Video - Featured Image

The story of a team resilience programme

Feeling the pressure? Too much change? Challenged by increasing demands? Tired and lacking motivation?

If YES to any one or all of these questions for you or your team, then  take a look at our story of one team resilience programme that focused on developing strengths and flexibility. Growing your resilience can help you and your team to be more positive and productive.

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Rudolph reflects on his leadership development

Once again I am pleased to be invited to offer a guest blog for John & Mary @developmentsolutions; I do hope you enjoy reading it.

Last year I focused on Santa and his 3 stand-out strengths.

This year I have focused on my leadership development and how my stand-out strengths (collaboration, compassion and efficiency) have helped me to develop myself as a leader.

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