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What made you smile today?

What made you smile today?’ Take 2 minutes to think what has made you smile today? Was it something on your drive in to work? Something one of the kids said? A colleague? A patient? It could be one of many things…..

How did it make you feel? Happy? Valued? Positive?

Those feelings generate positivity in you and can help in your personal resilience.

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4 dice

Brand Yorkshire

As I was born and brought up in Yorkshire and it is where I now live, I guess I can describe myself as ‘brand’ Yorkshire. Thus, we are proud to be associated with the 6th business-2-business Brand Yorkshire conference, by having a stand and speaking.

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a view across from Otley Chevin


To make good decisions in the workplace, which we have to do with great frequency, we need to be able to call upon our thinking strengths. Yet, do we know what they are? Do we stretch our ability to think and challenge ourselves to think differently? We need to think about how we think.

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coaching can helps us fit together difficult things to think about

Coaching – frequently asked questions

 Here are some simple answers to those frequently asked questions about coaching. Who is it for? What is coaching? How will I benefit? Plus some guidance on finding a coach and getting started.

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Cricket Bat

Teamwork brings success

Teamwork brings success – just look at many sports. Once more this week, the English cricket team will take to the field, safe in the knowledge that the Ashes have been won thanks to their great teamwork. They are a fine example of teamwork based upon playing to their strengths. How can great teamwork be achieved in the workplace?

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circle of a team

How to improve team working and boost sales in an SME

The Managing Director (MD) of a long-established SME approached us as she knew where she wished to take the business and yet success was elusive and goals were not being achieved. Sales needed a boost and the customer-base needed broadening. How could she achieve the shift she believed was possible to improve team working and boost sales?

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keyboard with word resilience

Resilience raises the game

Resilience raises the game – Resilient individuals are effective team members; effective teams generate positive results; positive results are the foundation of a strong business.

Resilience raises the game and helps businesses to build on strong foundations. Many businesses face the challenge of achieving challenging results with constrained resources. Here is the story of how one such business, a small NHS CCG, decided that to serve its large population well, it needed to be resilient. It is addressing resilience at three levels; thus far the employee feedback and results are positive. For just over 12 months now it has been actively working with seven core behaviours; here is a description of the work and the outcomes so far.

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uncertainty and change are messy

Welcome uncertainty and anxiety

As I left home I hugged John and said ‘hope to see you on Thursday evening.’ ‘Hope’ suggests may not; by my choice of language I had woven in a degree of uncertainty, possibly it would be our last hug. How did that change the nature of the experience for each of us? Did it trigger anxiety or was it a shiver of excitement? Sometimes by welcoming uncertainty and anxiety we can open up on different ways of experiencing life and of perceiving opportunities.

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Spotlight your personal impact

Strengths v Weaknesses: Spotlight Your Strengths

The spotlight is too often on our weaknesses not our strengths as we go through education and into work: what we could do better, what we got wrong. When we put the spotlight on our strengths we find so much that is good and that can be used to drive us forward.

Let us look at the benefits of putting the spotlight on strengths rather than weaknesses and then talk about HOW you can shift your attention.

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a sat nav

Contracting – the sat nav for coaching

Contracting is like the sat nav for coaching. Coaching must provide confidential space where the coachee can address issues of significance to them; my role as coach includes offering support, challenge and encouragement. Coaching is like setting out on a journey together and it is important that the coachee sets the direction; contracting, like a sat nav, can help to set that direction and enable regular reviews to ensure that we are on track or taking a diversion if we agree it is appropriate.

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