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Brand Yorkshire

As I was born and brought up in Yorkshire and it is where I now live, I guess I can describe myself as ‘brand’ Yorkshire. Thus, we are proud to be associated with the 6th business-2-business Brand Yorkshire conference, by having a stand and speaking.

Stand 12

Come along for fun, a laugh and some insightful conversations about developing yourself and others. We will be pleased to share with you what we do and our participative style of working with individuals and teams. Each year we work with a range of clients, from start-ups and SME’s through to large national public sector organisations, to improve personal and team performance. In the last 6 months we have enabled clients to:

  • Improve sales;
  • Clarify their business strategies and priorities;
  • Develop individuals’ confidence in challenging situations (eg: presenting; networking and handling difficult conversations);
  • Strengthen personal and team resilience;
  • Recruit talented people who can quickly contribute to business results.

At Stand 12 we will have examples of our work, games for you to play and 3 amazing prizes for you to win. Why not play with our cards to find your strengths and check out the personal resilience factors that serve you well.

Unleash your inner strengths

At 12.30 Mary will be speaking about releasing the strengths we all have that can be drawn on for achieving peak performance – strengths can be that magic ingredient that motivates and energises.

The talk will share stories and offer answers to:

  • What are workplace strengths?
  • How can they be identified and developed?
  • What are the benefits of focusing on our strengths?


Conference details: Wednesday 7 October: Harrogate. To book your free place please go to


Looking forward to seeing you there – you are welcome to book an appointment with us if you wish. It will be good to hear your news and explore how we can build a positive relationship going forward.

Enjoy the event.

We would also be delighted to hear from you if you wish to book us for your conference.




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