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We can all be Great (or is that GR..EIGHT?) like Roger Federer!

I could be great like Federer? Some claim as I last played tennis at school and even then not too well. This Sunday on the Centre Court of Wimbledon Federer achieved what no one has achieved before – he has now won the Wimbledon men’s singles title EIGHT times. He truly is GR8!

So, how can we all be like Federer?

To answer this we have to consider how he achieved such a feat. Matthew Syed, writing in The Times, reminds us that throughout the tournament he dropped only four service games. Syed proposes that Federer did this by having “the courage to alter, subtly but emphatically change his game.”

Despite the achievements behind him, Federer was willing to learn and change, to develop his approach and to take risks. So yes, we can all learn from him as we can all learn. Whatever we are doing there is room to alter, change and learn.

In an article posted previously, I talked about playing to our strengths . Each of us can adapt and use our strengths to achieve a significant outcome and deliver high performance.

Personally, I find that focusing on my strengths – those ways of working that energise and motivate me – help me focus on what I wish to achieve and to find ways of achieving that are satisfying to me and deliver positive results.

Like Federer, we can all strive and look to future achievements, not being complacent or reliving past glories. He has not allowed his age (talked about so much in the media) to be a barrier; we can each ensure that we follow his example and keep seeking to be GR8 in whatever we do.


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