coaching can helps us fit together difficult things to think about

Coaching – frequently asked questions

 Here are some simple answers to those frequently asked questions. The focus is on 1-1 coaching.


Coaching offers a rare opportunity for spending time focusing on you and what is important to you. It is highly confidential and so you can talk about what REALLY matters. The coaching relationship is a working alliance where the sole aim is to work on your desired outcomes. Read more

The good wine of coaching supervision

Like a good wine, a coaching supervision relationship matures and develops depth. Over time, with care and attention from both people, it can:

  • Deepen and change;
  • Generate learning for both people;
  • Create personal change that ripples out far beyond any specific issue that has been reviewed;
  • Provide space for reflection, fun and relaxation;
  • Encourage a sense of personal renewal and energising.

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Ashbridge relational coaching conference

Coaches congregate – questions are asked! Here is my personal review of the 2nd International Relational Coaching Conference at Ashridge; I will offer questions that stood out for me from the keynote sessions, with some personal comment. I will offer an overview of some of the workshops in a later blog.

Questions, thoughtful discussion and stimulating conversations for coaches working in a range of situations – a conference to engage and encourage reflection. As the final session reminded us, it was a privilege to have the space to participate with such richness of thinking and ideas, and in such a beautiful setting. Read more