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Much Ado About Business

It can all be much ado about business, whatever we do. In business, we all need new ideas and to seek out lessons from other business people, both current and in the past. Which got me wondering, as we celebrated the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, about his business skills and overall success. Was he as successful in business as he was as a playwright? Well, there’s a contentious idea! And so, can we learn from his success? Was he, in fact, the Alan Sugar of his day? What, another mad idea?!

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Mary presenting on how to shape up

Have heard how to place your strengths centre stage?

Have you heard me speak about how to place your  strengths centre stage? Would you like to hear me speak again? Want to know how to place your strengths centre stage? Now is you chance as three opportunities are coming up in March and April. Let me encourage you to be your best and to put your strengths centre stage. You and your team can find ways of working that will really make you high performing.

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‘High-5’ your leadership + 1

Business needs effective leadership that engages employees in developing and following through plans for success.  Our experience shows that the 5’A’s can have a positive impact on employee engagement and customer satisfaction. ‘High-5’ your leadership, achieve those great results and exceed expectations.

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Rudolph reflects on his leadership development

Once again I am pleased to be invited to offer a guest blog for John & Mary @developmentsolutions; I do hope you enjoy reading it.

Last year I focused on Santa and his 3 stand-out strengths.

This year I have focused on my leadership development and how my stand-out strengths (collaboration, compassion and efficiency) have helped me to develop myself as a leader.

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circle of a team

How to improve team working and boost sales in an SME

The Managing Director (MD) of a long-established SME approached us as she knew where she wished to take the business and yet success was elusive and goals were not being achieved. Sales needed a boost and the customer-base needed broadening. How could she achieve the shift she believed was possible to improve team working and boost sales?

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Finding solutions to problems

Finding solutions to problems in the workplace is vital. Problems arise in all shapes, sizes and levels of complexity; some involve people and some relate to business processes and decisions. Whatever the problem, here are some steps that will support effective resolution by exploring possible solutions.

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Team resilience & leadership, Yorkshire

Workplaces can flourish with positive emotions

Workplaces can flourish with positive emotions. As I write our March update the snowdrops and crocuses are flourishing and soon the bright yellow daffodils will be out. You are invited to take a brief look at how positive emotions can help us flourish and strengthen our resilience. Look out also for the update on the new StrengthsLeader – fresh on to the market.
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Who is the leader or manager around here?

Leader or manager – the same or different?  We can consider this question from various perspectives. Here Shaun the Sheep (star of screen and field) helps us to look at the differences.

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Anyone who had a heart …

If you are watching Cilla on TV I wonder how many of you, like me, keep singing ‘Anyone who had a heart.’ As I kept singing it, I reflected on the story told in the programme. Yes, I thought about the power of story-telling, the importance of friends and family and the power of emotion.

But having watched the second episode, when Cilla records Anyone Who had a heart, I kept thinking about RISK-TAKING. She took a big risk in recoding that record, Brian Epstein (her manager) was taking a risk and being prepared to stick with his assessment, despite the contrary views of others. Read more

Strengths – setting the scene

This sets the scene for a series of blogs about a strengths-focused approach to people and team development, offering evidence and case-studies of working with strengths to achieve positive results.

We offer an explanation of four dimensions of strengths and the opportunities for optimising strengths throughout the employee life-cycle. Read more