bell being rung

Ringing in changes

Are you ringing in changes in 2018? We are here at Development Solutions. I set up the business last century, 21 years ago this March; then John, my husband, joined four years ago. It is time for a change and you can help us achieve our aims.

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Dog listening to me

The gift of listening

The gift of listening: I was reminded recently what a precious gift this can be. It is a gift that does not come wrapped up with bright paper and trimmings, it has to be given in the moment and with presence and attention. Being listened to can be a rare treat in a world that is so busy and makes so many demands upon our attention. Being listened to can make us feel valued and respected.

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generosity to cancer research


Generosity – how generous are you? I am sure you are generous. Many of you will give donations to charities, sponsor colleagues, help friends and there are many more ways in which you can be generous with your time and money.

So the question how generous are you may not seem difficult to answer. Wait. Change the context. Think about applying that question to the way we communicate with others; say in meetings or in one-to-one conversations. That got me thinking about how generous I am in the way I speak and listen …

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champions board

We can all be Great (or is that GR..EIGHT?) like Roger Federer!

I could be great like Federer? Some claim as I last played tennis at school and even then not too well. This Sunday on the Centre Court of Wimbledon Federer achieved what no one has achieved before – he has now won the Wimbledon men’s singles title EIGHT times. He truly is GR8!

So, how can we all be like Federer?

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Wimbldeon Court 1


How much grass on the Wimbledon courts? How many roads do we need to walk? Bob Dylan wishes to know. Both challenging questions that I don’t know the answers to; please let me know if you do! How many words does the average person speak in a lifetime? According to Gyles Brandreth it is a staggering …

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Find your voice, be heard, have your say and share your ideas. In an earlier article I offered some basic ideas for how to achieve a  positive impact. A key part of personal impact is being able to express yourself with confidence and clarity; here are some tips on how to find your voice and be heard, even in those situations where we may feel uncomfortable and challenged.

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spring daffodils

Spring into action

Spring into action as the seasons change. Spring is with us. Spring is often associated with a clean out, a new beginning, change and positive action; hopefully it brings with it some warmth and brightness. The good intentions of New Year resolutions have now been achieved, or long abandoned.

Spring is a time to refocus and look ahead, life and work can be reviewed and refreshed. As the Spring flowers bloom, so can you …..

If you wish to take a fresh look at your life and consider some changes, then a Spring into action is for you.

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Spotlight your personal impact

Personal impact – are you having the impact you want to have?

Personal impact is important. Are you having the impact you want to have? Are you feeling listened to? Do you influence others in the way you would like to? Are you able to get your point across, in meetings and 1-1 conversations? When delivering a presentation, do you communicate your message effectively?

Some people and situations may make you feel that you are not valued, that you lack confidence to stand up for your point of view. The good news is that you can develop your ability to have personal impact in these different situations.

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two slinkky

How coaching can make a difference

Coaching can make a difference to you and what you achieve. Coaching can support you in defining and achieving your aspirations. Here I talk you through how coaching can make a difference, highlighting what you can do to make coaching work for you.

Increasingly organisations are using coaching as a key aspect of personal and leadership development. Last year organisations reported[1] an anticipated increase in coaching of over 80% in the coming two years, matched by a 73% increase in spend on coaching.

Equally, many individuals seek out a coach when facing various challenges. The evidence is becoming clearer that coaching make a difference to working through personal change, facing career cross-roads and at times of uncertainty.

Coaching is an investment that we make because we believe it will enable us to move forward and to achieve certain outcomes. Coaching can make a significant difference. My personal experience of being coached and my professional experience as a coach have highlighted for me five key steps to ensuring that coaching makes a difference.

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The GIFT of resilience

Throughout the second half of 2016 I was in a personal dark place, and yet in this I found the GIFT of resilience. I thought I would share this gift with you as my first posting since May last year.

The GIFT helped me, strengthened my appreciation of personal resilience and provided me with much needed space and support. Importantly, by being true to myself and being authentic I have been able to emerge positive about the dark period and appreciative of what I can take with me as I move forward.

Let me share with you this GIFT ….

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