Dog listening to me

The gift of listening

The gift of listening: I was reminded recently what a precious gift this can be. It is a gift that does not come wrapped up with bright paper and trimmings, it has to be given in the moment and with presence and attention. Being listened to can be a rare treat in a world that is so busy and makes so many demands upon our attention. Being listened to can make us feel valued and respected.

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generosity to cancer research


Generosity – how generous are you? I am sure you are generous. Many of you will give donations to charities, sponsor colleagues, help friends and there are many more ways in which you can be generous with your time and money.

So the question how generous are you may not seem difficult to answer. Wait. Change the context. Think about applying that question to the way we communicate with others; say in meetings or in one-to-one conversations. That got me thinking about how generous I am in the way I speak and listen …

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The GIFT of resilience

Throughout the second half of 2016 I was in a personal dark place, and yet in this I found the GIFT of resilience. I thought I would share this gift with you as my first posting since May last year.

The GIFT helped me, strengthened my appreciation of personal resilience and provided me with much needed space and support. Importantly, by being true to myself and being authentic I have been able to emerge positive about the dark period and appreciative of what I can take with me as I move forward.

Let me share with you this GIFT ….

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mountains of Mull


In life and at work, we need to expect the unexpected. In my experience the unexpected happens. A few weeks ago I was sailing past the Isle of Mull. It was early May and the mountains of Mull were covered in THICK snow. Beautiful and very unexpected. The unexpected is not always beautiful, sometimes it can highly disruptive and can knock us off track. How can we handle the unexpected, especially in the workplace?

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Feeling drained? Get slinky

 Do you feel drained? Facing endless change, new demands, tightening resources? To-day’s shifting workplace pressures can make us feel drained when we need to feel energised, strong and flexible. Get slinky; like a slinky you can learn ways to overcome challenges and move forward. So the good news is that resilience can be learned (Southwick & Charney, 2012), thus increasing your ability to cope well in the face of all that is draining.

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a dog looking miserable

How to get and keep a positive mindset

A positive mindset evades this dog as he seeks his path in life!

Ever heard that negative internal voice, the one that says ‘oh no you can’t?’ Had that dragging negative feeling causing your shoulders to drop? I guess we all have. Those are the times when we need to reach out to get and keep a positive mindset. We need to tune into to the positive internal voice that is our personal cheerleader and that feeling of ‘YES I can.’ The positive mindset gives us energy, the encouragement to reach out for our dreams. How to get and keep that positive mindset?

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Team Resilience Video - Featured Image

The story of a team resilience programme

Feeling the pressure? Too much change? Challenged by increasing demands? Tired and lacking motivation?

If YES to any one or all of these questions for you or your team, then  take a look at our story of one team resilience programme that focused on developing strengths and flexibility. Growing your resilience can help you and your team to be more positive and productive.

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Yorks leadership academy logo

Team resilience hits the big screen!

Well, possibly not the big screen but we are working on a video about team resilience & the programme involving 6 Yorkshire & Humber organisations. Here is a preview of how we will be telling their story of learning and achievements.

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Development Solutions - strength and flexability

Actions for resilience

Over the last 12 months we have supported NHS organisations and private sector businesses to take actions to strengthen resilience.  This work with clients draws on our research in to resilience and ensures that clients are taking actions that will deliver results.

Here we look at some of the work currently underway to illustrate how actions can strengthen both personal and team resilience.

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What made you smile today?

What made you smile today?’ Take 2 minutes to think what has made you smile today? Was it something on your drive in to work? Something one of the kids said? A colleague? A patient? It could be one of many things…..

How did it make you feel? Happy? Valued? Positive?

Those feelings generate positivity in you and can help in your personal resilience.

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