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Brand Yorkshire

As I was born and brought up in Yorkshire and it is where I now live, I guess I can describe myself as ‘brand’ Yorkshire. Thus, we are proud to be associated with the 6th business-2-business Brand Yorkshire conference, by having a stand and speaking.

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keyboard with word resilience

Resilience raises the game

Resilience raises the game – Resilient individuals are effective team members; effective teams generate positive results; positive results are the foundation of a strong business.

Resilience raises the game and helps businesses to build on strong foundations. Many businesses face the challenge of achieving challenging results with constrained resources. Here is the story of how one such business, a small NHS CCG, decided that to serve its large population well, it needed to be resilient. It is addressing resilience at three levels; thus far the employee feedback and results are positive. For just over 12 months now it has been actively working with seven core behaviours; here is a description of the work and the outcomes so far.

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uncertainty and change are messy

Welcome uncertainty and anxiety

As I left home I hugged John and said ‘hope to see you on Thursday evening.’ ‘Hope’ suggests may not; by my choice of language I had woven in a degree of uncertainty, possibly it would be our last hug. How did that change the nature of the experience for each of us? Did it trigger anxiety or was it a shiver of excitement? Sometimes by welcoming uncertainty and anxiety we can open up on different ways of experiencing life and of perceiving opportunities.

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Long road leading to hills

How resilient is your business? Resilience is vital

How resilient is your business? From SME’s to large public sector organisations, from start-ups to well-established companies this is an important question. Without resilience the risk of failure will lurk in the wings, threatening your continued success. A resilient business has three key elements in place.

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Energy for high achievement

We all need physical, mental and emotional energy for high achievement. Our work with businesses focusing on strengths to encourage energy shows that: teams become more purposeful, effective and successful; sales and profits increase; individual staff performance, motivation and well-being increase. Working with our strengths helps us all to have the energy for high achievement.

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circle showing 9 dimensions of personal, team & business resilience

Resilience in difficult times

Resilience in difficult times is essential. Austerity and other pressures can drain energy and sap our resilience. And yet we know that energy and resilience are fundamental to delivering positive results, well-being and engagement. Here we offer an overview of how sustainable resilience can be fostered in a difficult workplace climate.

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We can each blossom like daffodils by focusing on our strengths

Focus on your strengths – achieve peak performance

Focus on your strengths and you can achieve peak performance. All around us are bright yellow daffodils; who can resist smiling and feeling happier as we look upon beds of these lovely flowers? Wordsworth knew all about ‘hosts of dancing daffodils.’

Throughout winter the bulbs have laid dormant and then been energised by the warmth and sunshine. What energises you to blossom, offering up your brightest and best?

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Strengths model by Development Solutions Limited

Team resilience moves forward

Strong resilient teams are positive, deliver good results and are the foundation of successful businesses. Resilient teams foster personal well-being and engagement. The work with 6 NHS organisations in Yorkshire (introduced in 20 October and 20 November  posts) is continuing to encourage teams and individuals to strengthen their resilience.

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personal, team and business reslience are inter-related

Team resilience – facilitator development

My post of 20 October explained how 18 people had set out on a journey to become team resilience facilitators. They have now completed the second workshop and have all qualified in using the Strengthscope psychometric. Congratulations to each one of them – they worked hard.

Each of them has a burning desire to support teams to face on-going pressure without experiencing unhealthy stress. They appreciate that resilient teams are supportive and productive in the face of uncertainty and changing demands. Working with our definition of resilience as being about strength and flexibility in challenging times, our approach focuses on strengths as the bedrock of personal and team resilience.

Our aim throughout the workshop was to provide them with:

  • an appreciation of the power of strengths to motivate individuals and enhance team productivity;
  • evidence from a range of settings about the power of a strengths approach to developing teams and team leadership;
  • tools and techniques for developing personal and team development.

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personal, team and business reslience are inter-related

Team resilience

Resilient teams are supportive and productive in the face of uncertainty and changing demands. They produce positive results by:

  • working together to be productive;
  • responding positively to each other and to customers (both internal & external);
  • maximising available resources;
  • satisfying customers and providing safe care;
  • retaining talent.

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