both sides of emotion - happiness and disappointment

Facing workplace disappointment

In the workplace we will all face disappointment: sometimes we may feel we have ‘failed’ or that ‘someone has let us down’; it is a fact that things do not always go as we would wish.

Whatever the nature of the disappointment, we will experience an emotional response that can drain our energy and negatively impact on our motivation.

What can we do?

Recognise the emotion and accept it. It is fair enough to feel angry and upset. The important point is:

  • not to behave badly;
  • not to descend into a negative cycle of thinking. 

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A dog’s tale

Hi, I’m Jasper; a young spaniel puppy and now a guest blogger. Being quite entrepreneurial, it’s anything for extra dog biscuits.

I was invited to blog after being spotted in the local park. Let me paint the scene: there is me, full of energy and keen for new challenges; a few other dogs, friendly enough but rarely up for a REAL run. Who is that walking towards us? Long legs, thin and keen – it’s a greyhound – all legs and speed. Read more

Team resilience & leadership, Yorkshire

Team Resilience

Healthcare teams, in common with many teams, continue to face a tension between their environmental pressures and their ability to respond.  Teams face harsh challenges with many new demands and, despite a general economic recovery, they will continue to experience a push to work differently within a context of resource-shrinkage.

The tension is that to face these pressures a team must feel strong, positive and motivated, showing the ability to work flexibly and generate new ideas. Yet it can be hard to be positive when facing such pressures continually.

How does one keep a team strong and flexible when daily it faces such pressures?

Resilience is vital as it gives a team the ability to respond positively, to work together well and be motivated to create and work with new ideas. Read more

BOREDOM damages resilience

Boredom can damage your health – and your productivity. Workplace boredom can be a sign of many things, including a lack of trust and an over-controlling manager. All these can have a negative impact on our resilience.

The impact on the individual can be significant – reducing motivation, self-belief, competence and confidence. The range of evidence supporting the argument for enhancing personal and team resilience is growing. Strong and flexible individuals are more productive and help to build higher performing teams.

A key part of fostering personal resilience is to ensure that people have meaningful roles with a clear purpose – thus avoiding boredom. Read more

Complexity in resilience. Development Solutions.

COMPLEXITY in challenging times

Recently published research from Ashridge Business School offers some way of handling the increasing complexity in our lives.

In previous blogs I have discussed the growing evidence that the speed of change and level of uncertainty in organisations is making life more complex. This complexity demands a personal resilience that enables us to remain focused and productive.

The big question is HOW?? Read more

Team resilience & leadership, Yorkshire

Grow resilience

Resilient individuals are effective team members; effective teams generate positive results; positive results are the foundation of a strong business.

Growing evidence demonstrates that we can grow resilience. Our approach to resilience focuses on strategies to strengthen mental and emotional toughness; in turn, these increase workplace engagement and impact positively on our well-being

Currently I am exploring a model for assessing well-being and engagement. It is feasible that this may have various applications, including understanding the impact of coaching. Watch this space as I discover more!

In the Resources section you can now access the paper on GROWing resilience, with a full explanation of the benefits. I will be adding more about personal strategies, how to develop engagement and the current research.

Meanwhile, let me know what would really interest you; what blockages you and your team may be facing – I will try to offer some suggestions for overcoming them. Keep strong – keep smiling!

Just do it!

“Live to be pleased by doing it – don’t live to regret not doing it.”

This was said to me a few months ago and it has stayed with me. Often before doing things we calculate the resources needed, assess any risks and clarify potential outcomes. Perhaps we should also consider the emotional demands, both of doing and of not doing. Will doing energise and excite us? Will it open up opportunities to learn new things and to create new connections? If so, then the risks and resources may well be worth it.

Judgement allows us to weigh up decisions, intuition gives us a ‘feel’ for it and sometimes we should just ‘do it’!


TWO MAGPIES BAKERY – rising to the challenges

Question:  what do you want, Jim, when you leave the Army? (after many years in the Bomb Disposal Unit).

Answer:  to be my own boss; not to wear a uniform; lots of personal enjoyment; prepared to work REALLY hard; owning our own business; anywhere in the UK.

So began three years of planning that culminated in the opening of the Two Magpies bakery in Southwold, at the start of 2013, by Jim and Rebecca. Read more

Three P's for success

Three P’s for success

Power, passion and persuasion – all vital in business success and our personal  resilience. We each need to find our passion, use our power positively and persuade.

“To succeed you have to believe with such a passion that it becomes a reality.” (Dame Anita Roddick). 

Look back and take heart from where you have positively influenced a person, group or situation.

Look forward, what opportunities do you have to make a difference.

Enjoy being powerful. Take a moment to be aware of your personal values, your strengths and appreciate what motivates and excites you.


Championship point

As I read a recent Harvard Business Review blog on overcoming resistance, I was reminded of the thrill of 07/07/13  at SW1 – the date Andy Murray won Wimbledon. Murray certainly had to overcome resistance that day; as he clearly acknowledged on the day he could not have achieved it without his team. A strong team of people with different skills and one shared goal.

Having got to championship point (which he did three times before finally winning!) he was not only facing the resistance of Djokovic but his own emotions and self-belief. Murray fans were well aware that it was these that had let him down in the past. Read more