a view across from Otley Chevin


To make good decisions in the workplace, which we have to do with great frequency, we need to be able to call upon our thinking strengths. Yet, do we know what they are? Do we stretch our ability to think and challenge ourselves to think differently? We need to think about how we think.

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Cricket Bat

Teamwork brings success

Teamwork brings success – just look at many sports. Once more this week, the English cricket team will take to the field, safe in the knowledge that the Ashes have been won thanks to their great teamwork. They are a fine example of teamwork based upon playing to their strengths. How can great teamwork be achieved in the workplace?

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circle of a team

How to improve team working and boost sales in an SME

The Managing Director (MD) of a long-established SME approached us as she knew where she wished to take the business and yet success was elusive and goals were not being achieved. Sales needed a boost and the customer-base needed broadening. How could she achieve the shift she believed was possible to improve team working and boost sales?

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uncertainty and change are messy

Welcome uncertainty and anxiety

As I left home I hugged John and said ‘hope to see you on Thursday evening.’ ‘Hope’ suggests may not; by my choice of language I had woven in a degree of uncertainty, possibly it would be our last hug. How did that change the nature of the experience for each of us? Did it trigger anxiety or was it a shiver of excitement? Sometimes by welcoming uncertainty and anxiety we can open up on different ways of experiencing life and of perceiving opportunities.

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Spotlight your personal impact

Strengths v Weaknesses: Spotlight Your Strengths

The spotlight is too often on our weaknesses not our strengths as we go through education and into work: what we could do better, what we got wrong. When we put the spotlight on our strengths we find so much that is good and that can be used to drive us forward.

Let us look at the benefits of putting the spotlight on strengths rather than weaknesses and then talk about HOW you can shift your attention.

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A bright light bulb to represent inspiration

Being inspired to inspire

By being inspired to inspire, we inspire! Inspiration powers our thinking and our ability to engage. By inspiring, ourselves and others, just think of what positive energy we can create. Last week I had the pleasure of talking at Sheffied Coaching Exchange about inspiration and then was engaged in a co-coaching conversation about inspiration at the Yorkshire Association of Coaching event in Harrogate.  Read more

Image of team work

Energy for high achievement

We all need physical, mental and emotional energy for high achievement. Our work with businesses focusing on strengths to encourage energy shows that: teams become more purposeful, effective and successful; sales and profits increase; individual staff performance, motivation and well-being increase. Working with our strengths helps us all to have the energy for high achievement.

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We can each blossom like daffodils by focusing on our strengths

Focus on your strengths – achieve peak performance

Focus on your strengths and you can achieve peak performance. All around us are bright yellow daffodils; who can resist smiling and feeling happier as we look upon beds of these lovely flowers? Wordsworth knew all about ‘hosts of dancing daffodils.’

Throughout winter the bulbs have laid dormant and then been energised by the warmth and sunshine. What energises you to blossom, offering up your brightest and best?

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workplace strengths of Rudolph and Santa

Workplace Strengths of Rudolph & Santa

Hi folks, Rudolph here – your friendly red-nosed reindeer.

It’s a busy time of the year here in Lapland, But never too busy to write a newsletter at this festive time for Mary & John @ Development Solutions.

As part of our on-going personal development, Santa and I have recently had our Strengthscope feedback and we are happy to share with you our top 3 stand-out strengths. If you don’t know – Strengthscope is a great way to identify workplace strengths. So, what do you think ours are?

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looking ahead to achieve stretching goals

Stretch goals to deliver peak workplace performance

My gym routine starts and ends with stretches; they ensure a safe and effective work-out, keeping me energised and fit. Positive stretch goals do the same for us in the workplace.

Stretch goals can push you beyond where you are so that you feel positively challenged. The positive point of stretch is where you move from the zone of comfort to your zone of stretch and peak performance.

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