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I don’t know … grow your curiosity

Curiosity may have harmed the cat but it can work wonders for us!

“Knowledge is finite,

Ignorance is infinite.” (Karl Popper)

I spent an energising day yesterday at the Yorkshire Ladies Be Inspired Conference to celebrate International Women’s Day. There were many inspirational speakers and some fascinating business women exhibiting their work. It made me appreciate how much we all know, and how much we don’t know.

Don’t know? We can be curious and celebrate our ignorance; it  can release us from the pressure to know, to have the answer, to be the expert.

Let us ensure that we have a solid foundation of knowledge and capability; on that we can build an inquisitive style that will open up new possibilities.

Asking questions, genuinely listening, observing, seeking out different viewpoints. All these can expand our ability to engage with others and to make robust decisions.

Often we appreciate that change is all around and yet get stuck in patterns of behaviour – repeat what we did before – draw on old habits. Habits that once served us well may need ditching now – ‘unlearning’ can be hard but worth the effort. Doing things differently may well deliver different outcomes.

Why not take a few moments to question how your ignorance can help you see the world differently. Ask a few questions. See where it all leads.

Curiosity can encourage us to REALLY listen, to observe and to ask insightful questions. Look around you and check out what you don’t know. Could you ask questions that may:

  • improve the customer service offered;
  • help others to learn and grow in their role;
  • streamline office systems and processes.

Also by being curious, we can open up the possibility of appreciating a differing viewpoint, we may avoid conflict and create better solutions to the challenges we face.

The opportunities are endless and so start asking those important questions.





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