both sides of emotion - happiness and disappointment

Emotions in the workplace

We are all human, and that means emotions in the workplace. Emotions in the workplace can be positive, negative, frustrating, energising – whatever they are, they  are contagious. Have you noticed, a few moaners and the energy is low; lots of enthusiasm and the energy is high. To have an engaging and productive workplace we need to understand our emotional strengths and be able to work with emotions positively.  STOP for a moment –

– what emotions have you felt to-day? Look around you now – what emotions can you see and hear? Emotions are in the workplace and they are contagious: make sure you are encouraging emotions that will help you achieve your desired results and be your best.

Emotions and change

During change in the workplace, you may personally have experienced that roller-coaster of emotions and you will certainly have seen others going from anger to despair to hope. During change, people move through a whole range of different emotions in different ways. We need emotional strengths to support, encourage and keep people moving forward. When people get stuck in negative reactions to change they can scupper the best plans and seriously impact the business. Each of us needs to have the courage and resilience to work with individuals and teams through difficult times. Knowing our own emotional strengths can help us to keep an important business change on track.

Emotions and difficult conversations

In the workplace emotions emerge during those conversations we are finding difficult, whether it is with a team member, a colleague or a client. We need to have the emotional strength to keep our own negative feelings in check and to be able to recognise and work with the emotions the other person is displaying. We approach conversations from a rational and logical perspective and yet emotions can act as blocks or as catalysts for a positive breakthrough. By being able to keep calm, show courage and be enthusiastic we can influence the direction of the conversation and achieve a positive way forward for all concerned. Emotions can help us achieve ‘win-win.’

Emotions and tough decisions

Whatever you do, there will be times when you have to make tough decisions – about your own career, the future of a poor performing employee or a new and risky business opportunity. The emotional strengths of self-confidence and courage will help you draw on your other abilities to think through, involve others and, ultimately, make a sound decision that you can carry forward. 


We can work with you to really explore your emotional strengths and to coach you in how to ensure that they are serving you well, whatever your current situation. Teams that understand their strengths can more resilient, productive and engaged; part of working with team strengths is helping everyone to share and appreciate each other’s emotional drivers. We can help you and your team be focused and productive.


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