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Have heard how to place your strengths centre stage?

Have you heard me speak about how to place your  strengths centre stage? Would you like to hear me speak again? Want to know how to place your strengths centre stage? Now is you chance as three opportunities are coming up in March and April. Let me encourage you to be your best and to put your strengths centre stage. You and your team can find ways of working that will really make you high performing.


On 8 March there is the Yorkshire Ladies Be Inspired Conference. This is a great opportunity for networking and some superb speakers. I am offering a free speed workshop: in just 45 minutes you can discover the basics steps for placing your strengths centre stage.

Mine will be a highly participative event so come on in and get involved. You can start focusing on your strengths and get energised. Together we can challenge those negative inner voices and the focus on weaknesses. Instead place strengths centre stage to release potential and build on success.

Here is the link for booking to attend.


I will be centre stage on 16 March talking about how we can place the spotlight on our strengths and the power to motivate team and personal performance. Hear my stories of how I came to value strengths as a way of achieving great results and to challenge those negative messages  and doubts that may hold us back.

As well as a range of speakers, there are many businesses exhibiting and offering the chance to talk about how they may support you to grow your business.

Here you can book for MY conference.


The Met Club is a vibrant business network where you can meet like-minded people, enjoy a good lunch (what a treat!) and hear a speaker. On 26 April I will be sharing my stories of how I have built and maintained a successful business by focusing on my strengths and the strengths of others. Placing strengths centre stage can bring positive results even in challenging times, which I have certainly faced during my 18 years in business.

Here is the link to book a place for this event.

Hope to see you at one of these events. Also, if you are looking for a speaker to engage your business or professional network or a highly active event to motivate your team, please get in touch.

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