‘High-5’ your leadership + 1

Business needs effective leadership that engages employees in developing and following through plans for success.  Our experience shows that the 5’A’s can have a positive impact on employee engagement and customer satisfaction. ‘High-5’ your leadership, achieve those great results and exceed expectations.

What are the 5 ‘A’s?

The 5 ‘A’s are simple and yet powerful in the workplace.

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ASPIRATIONS: clear aspirations for yourself, your team and the business. It’s all about agreeing overall direction and what has to be delivered.

AWARENESS: know strengths and what energises people so that everyone makes a maximum contribution. Everyone aware of their contribution to achieving those aspirations.

ACTION: plan for and take the action that will ensure you achieve your aspirations.

AGILITY: ensure a flexible outlook and strong resilience – being fit for purpose whatever hits you.

ACHIEVEMENT: deliver on those aspirations – achieve results and please the customers. Learn from the achievements and celebrate.

How can the 5 ‘A’s have a positive impact?

The 5 ‘A’s can help you to:

  • clarify purpose & goals;
  • build positive energy in the workplace;
  • develop a solutions can-do mindset;
  • achieve sustained success.

For teams: get everyone clear and agreed on direction plus agreed on the part each person plays, both individually and as a team. Then you can use the A’s to plan and review team performance. Don’t forget to share learning and to celebrate achievements.

For individuals: use the A’s to develop and review performance. Help each person to stretch their strengths with new and challenging objectives. Motivated individuals will deliver peak performance and exceed customer expectations.

‘High-5’ your leadership

Work with the 5 ‘A’s to motivate, engage and deliver peak performance. Results matter – stretch performance through strengths and celebrate. High-5 those achievements and enjoy the success, as individuals and as a team. Successful individuals and teams are the foundation of a successful business.

Plus 1

To find out what + 1 is please listen to the short audio recording.



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