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How to get and keep a positive mindset

A positive mindset evades this dog as he seeks his path in life!

Ever heard that negative internal voice, the one that says ‘oh no you can’t?’ Had that dragging negative feeling causing your shoulders to drop? I guess we all have. Those are the times when we need to reach out to get and keep a positive mindset. We need to tune into to the positive internal voice that is our personal cheerleader and that feeling of ‘YES I can.’ The positive mindset gives us energy, the encouragement to reach out for our dreams. How to get and keep that positive mindset?

To get a positive mindset, think of your options. We can see it as two pathways: the question is, which to choose? The path of limitation, with all that negativity, or the path of possibility that will really kick start a positive mindset.

The path of limitation

The path of limitation has a focus on weaknesses, failure and problems. Typically, on this path we may ask:

  • What went wrong?
  • What’s not working?
  • Why are we missing our targets?

Being on the path of limitation will frequently make us feel negative and drained. It can create a sense of helplessness, isolation and negativity.

The path of possibility

By comparison, the path of possibility will encourage individuals and teams to focus on what motivates them, what they are good at, successes and solutions. On this path one may ask:

  • What is working well that we can do more of?
  • What opportunities can we explore?
  • How can we work together well to achieve our results and overcome the barriers to our success?

The path of possibility will open up choices and encourage a sense of purpose and well-being, it really fosters that positive mindset. Clear purpose linked with positive energy and confidence will maximise results and encourage the achievement of positive outcomes.

Limitations tend to foster negativity, uncooperative attitudes compared to the positive ‘can do’ attitudes of the path of possibility. The evidence shows that the path of possibility improves customer service, improves performance, retains talent and helps businesses to grow.

How frequently are you and your team on the path of possibility? Self-awareness will enable you to change paths and be committed to a positive mindset. Having genuinely become committed to change, it helps you to recognise those triggers that threaten a positive approach – the nagging internal voice, the critical colleague. Having committed to change, you can acknowledge the triggers and take actions to shift your thinking.

It is not always easy but the rewards are immense. Why not start by creating your image of being on the path of possibility; then asking yourself how you can spend more time there.

How to shift to a positive mindset

Notice your patterns of thinking. Learn to recognize when you are having those negative thoughts.

As soon as you notice, focus on something positive. It can help to:

  • have a positive picture that you can call to mind. A place I love or a person that really makes you smile always works for me;
  • think of something good that has happened to-day, something you can be grateful for, however small;
  • focus on your strengths and how you can use these in the current situation;
  • look forward to opportunities.

In some situations, getting up and moving about can help shift your mindset, so go for a walk if you can. Release that negative energy and focus on what you can change, not what you can’t.

Engage your positive mindset NOW

As you keep focusing and taking yourself back to the positives, being on the path of possibility will become more of a habit and will be more rewarding. Start now, think of something positive and really experience how it impacts on your thinking and feelings.

We are always pleased to talk about:

  • the sound evidence for the productive power of strengths;
  • developing a deeper understanding of how individuals and teams can work with the power of strengths.

Please get in touch if you would like to talk to us about a taster session – it could be an important step in getting and keeping a positive mindset, for you and your team. At least it would stop you looking like this miserable dog!!

P.S. Actually this dog starred in the RSC production of ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona in 2014 – the only Shakespeare play to star a dog! He did reach his path of possibility and even had his own dressing room.


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