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Optimize your Strengths

Optimize your Strengths is the new book recently published by James Brook and Dr Paul Brewerton. It reveals how you can use your strengths to get the best out of yourself and your team. The Director of Learning at Facebook (Stuart Crabb) describes it is a trove of ideas to help you have a greater impact at work.

This book draws on recent leadership research to illustrate how we can gain that leadership edge by drawing on our unique strengths, abilities and skills. We can be highly effective by stretching ourselves and our teams to push boundaries and really stretch our performance.

If you fancy curling up with a good read that will also challenge you to think about how you work, then this is the book for you. It is the tale of Joe who has recently been appointed as the European Head of Tiger Online Recruitment, a role that brings him many challenges. The tale tells of how he shifts from a deficit (weakness-focused) mindset to a positive approach that focuses on OPTIMIZING STRENGTHS.

This can be your story. YOU can adopt the concepts, principles and techniques to ensure a strengths-based approach to achieve peak performance. Like Joe, you can move from stress and worry to success. En route through the tale, we find out how Joe takes his team with him.

At the start  Joe is having a tough time with his boss and his team. He is feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to move forward. Having met a strengths-coach he decides to see if this approach can help. The coach is aware that Joe needs quick results and positive outcomes. Together they set out to help Joe gain that leadership edge by learning how to translate his aspirations, values, strengths and abilities into positive leadership practices.

To find out more, watch out for my future blog and take a look at  this video .

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