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Ringing in changes

Are you ringing in changes in 2018? We are here at Development Solutions. I set up the business last century, 21 years ago this March; then John, my husband, joined four years ago. It is time for a change and you can help us achieve our aims.

Ringing in changes will see us working differently and with a slightly shifted focus for our work. Over many years, we have worked with positive psychology and resilience; after 21 years I wanted to think again about what we do and how we do it. This, of course, involves us each drawing on our personal strengths and what energises us. These principles will continue to inform how we engage with folks and what we do.

Working differently? Running parallel to our business, we will each be offering our skills and time to some local charities. Particularly our interest is in helping people who, for whatever reason, have ‘lost their voice’ and confidence; this may relate to handling a job interview, a personal challenge or difficulties in building a social network to support them.

Change of focus? We will continue offering the same services to our existing clients. Going forward we wish to place greater emphasis on 121 and team coaching, drawing on our years of experience with workplace strengths, psychometrics and resilience. That will largely be John’s focus.

For me, having taken steps to explore how my acting and voice work can benefit business clients, I will be focusing on personal presence 4 positive impact. My coaching will help you use your energy to speak in ways that engage and energise.

What next? Look out for the revamp to our website ….  coming soon.

How can you help? A number of ways you may be able to help:

  • offer suggestions for the content of blogs. What really grabs your attention and would be helpful to know more about?
  • link me with folk who may appreciate working with me to ‘find their voice.’ Alongside the business I will offer some pro bono sessions so just get in touch.
  • connect me with social groups looking for speakers. My talks have proved popular over the years and have raised hundreds of pounds for Alzheimers Research and currently Cancer Research.

Here’s wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. However you celebrate this festive season, we hope it is a good one for you. Hope that 2018 brings you the opportunity to ring in all the changes you wish for.


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