personal, team and business reslience are inter-related

Team resilience – facilitator development

My post of 20 October explained how 18 people had set out on a journey to become team resilience facilitators. They have now completed the second workshop and have all qualified in using the Strengthscope psychometric. Congratulations to each one of them – they worked hard.

Each of them has a burning desire to support teams to face on-going pressure without experiencing unhealthy stress. They appreciate that resilient teams are supportive and productive in the face of uncertainty and changing demands. Working with our definition of resilience as being about strength and flexibility in challenging times, our approach focuses on strengths as the bedrock of personal and team resilience.

Our aim throughout the workshop was to provide them with:

  • an appreciation of the power of strengths to motivate individuals and enhance team productivity;
  • evidence from a range of settings about the power of a strengths approach to developing teams and team leadership;
  • tools and techniques for developing personal and team development.

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