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Those of you who know me, know talking is one of my strengths! This year I will be talking for charity. In memory of a young friend who was starting out on research into dementia, I aim to raise money for two Alzheimers & dementia charities. I need your help; please invite me as a speaker to your network groups (social, coaching or business). All I ask is that people can make a small donation if they wish.

I am offering three talks for different types of groups:

– 4 years, 8 histories and a dog is aimed at social groups;

– being a coach is aimed at coaching networks;

– power and leadership is suitable for any group interested in how we influence and build relationships.

Each of them weaves in stories about my love of the theatre and characters from Shakespeare – hopefully this will add a quirky dimension whether you are familiar with Shakespeare or not.

 4 years, 8 histories and a dog!

I will share with you my personal story of a life-time love affair with Shakespeare, an insight into what sit-com and soap stars do when not on TV and offer you a virtual tour of the recently transformed Royal Shakespeare Theatres in Stratford-upon-Avon.

My slides of the theatre renovation provide the structure for a personal story and many recollections of seeing plays over the years. And yes, it specifically covers 4 years and takes in 8 histories. And the dog – well there’s a tale (or is that a tail?) – she makes an appearance, along with a bear.


Being a coach – with Shakespeare as my inspiration

 As a coach, what inspires, motivates and helps you to re-frame work with your clients? For me, Shakespeare is a great friend – I will talk about how his plays and his approach to work influence and inspire me.

I hope to stimulate a discussion around working as a coach, illustrating how Shakespeare ‘does it for me!’ I will invite you to engage with 3 questions:

What can we learn from Shakepseare’s characters who coach?

What can we learn from how Shakespeare worked?

How can he influence our coaching practice?

My aim is for a light-hearted fun look at ourselves, with my passion for Shakespeare to illustrate and illuminate my thoughts.

Exploring power and leadership

A talk about power and leadership, using some of Shakespeare’s characters to consider how these are experienced from different perspectives. The session will draw on characters that are well known, and some less well known, to raise the issues of power, position, leadership and followership. What can we learn from these characters to inform our understanding of power and leadership in the business context of to-day?

Please invite me along to your network group – donations, however small, are all welcome.



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