Team resilience

Resilient teams are supportive and productive in the face of uncertainty and changing demands. They produce positive results by:

  • working together to be productive;
  • responding positively to each other and to customers (both internal & external);
  • maximising available resources;
  • satisfying customers and providing safe care;
  • retaining talent.

Recently 18 people set out on a journey to become team resilience facilitators, able to work with different teams in their organisations to strengthen the team’s resilience. The people come from a range of organisations, including healthcare and social enterprise; their roles include OD and L&D specialists, performance planning, HR and practice management. They have in common a burning desire to support teams to face on-going pressure without experiencing unhealthy stress.

Many of them had been to a half-day taster event to explore the ideas and to develop an appreciation of the relevance to the challenges in their workplaces.

All were then involved in working with senior leaders to link a programme of team resilience to organisational plans and objectives, thus focusing attention on their priorities and challenges.

Our definition of resilience as being about strength and flexibility in challenging times is illustrated in our model of resilience, shown on the home page ; this forms the foundation for the programme. By adopting a principle of co-design our aim is to equip the facilitators to be responsive to the needs of different teams, be they high performing or struggling with negative team dynamics.

In total there are four days of workshops followed by on-going support as they implement the programme back at base.

The first workshop included: setting the scene; contracting and marketing; sustainability; engaging & developing team leaders; personal & team resilience. We are currently seeking feedback; however, the immediate reflections and comments received since illustrate that the workshop was highly valued and a positive experience.

Future workshops will include: techniques for encouraging a strengths-focus to team work; more tools and techniques for strengthening personal & team resilience and addressing challenges.

We are encouraging a community of practitioners able and willing to share ideas, skills and tools. By modelling resilience they will become highly effective at developing resilience in individuals and teams, thus enabling them to be strong and flexible in the face of uncertainty and changing demands.

Take the first step towards GROWing personal and team resilience where you work – get in touch now.

You are always welcome to contact us:

John –    07717 504 253

Mary –   07956 121 465

Mike –   07415 861 765

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