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Team resilience hits the big screen!

Well, possibly not the big screen but we are working on a video about team resilience & the programme involving 6 Yorkshire & Humber organisations. Here is a preview of how we will be telling their story of learning and achievements.

The video will tell the story of how 18 participants from 6 organisations set out, in their words, wanting:

  • To ensure teams are supported to be more resilient through times of change & uncertainty.
  • To reduce sickness absence & reduce H&W referrals & increase staff engagement & morale.
  • To develop a variety of teams to reach their full potential and to use resilience in their workplaces.
  • To support staff in areas where staff  are ‘feeling the pressure.’
  • To improve team working in the Trust (as measured by the staff survey).

Our aim was to provide skill, knowledge and understanding of resilience along with a wealth of resources that they could adapt and work with.

Now they are rolling out team resilience with teams across their organisations. The video will capture how they started the journey and, importantly show examples of the work they have done and results they have achieved.

Results include: individuals and teams feeling positive and motivated by having developed strategies for resilience; some are reporting an impact on attendance, health & wellbeing and staff engagement.

To find out more look out for their stories in the video – due to hit the screen in January. It includes photographs and video snippets from team events, plus participants describing team interventions and the resources they used in designing these.

By doing this we are learning new ways of sharing stories of outcomes achieved from development interventions, new ways of capturing learning and we all had some laughs along the way!

Thanks to Yorkshire & Humberside Leadership Academy for their on-going support.

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