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Team resilience moves forward

Strong resilient teams are positive, deliver good results and are the foundation of successful businesses. Resilient teams foster personal well-being and engagement. The work with 6 NHS organisations in Yorkshire (introduced in 20 October and 20 November  posts) is continuing to encourage teams and individuals to strengthen their resilience.

At workshop 3 they set out their plans for moving forward, plus ensuring on-going support from ourselves and within the group and plans for sharing learning. The final workshop focused on pulling together their learning and planning for programme delivery within their organisations.

Mapping: flipcharts around the walls were created showing the overall key stages. Starting with contracting, they worked through design & delivery to evaluation.

Facilitation: the wealth of skill in the room enabled the group to work on facilitating activities, thus gaining hands-on experience with the resources now available to them.

Blockages: in enhancing personal and team resilience blockages are bound to be uncovered. A range of techniques were explored. By unblocking how people think and feel, strengths can be encouraged and positive thinking and behaviours fostered.

Going forward there will be on-going support and evaluation of the impact of team resilience with a range of teams in different situations. This will add to the rich picture of how team resilience can be fostered and encouraged.

We are always pleased to hear your views and experiences so please get in touch.

Mary & John


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