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The story of a team resilience programme

Feeling the pressure? Too much change? Challenged by increasing demands? Tired and lacking motivation?

If YES to any one or all of these questions for you or your team, then  take a look at our story of one team resilience programme that focused on developing strengths and flexibility. Growing your resilience can help you and your team to be more positive and productive.

What difference can such a programme make, I hear you ask? Well the video shows how each organisation has already reaped benefits, both for individuals and teams.


The story of a team resilience programme

Over 200 people have had the chance to learn how to develop sustainable resilience by focusing on their strengths and becoming more flexible. There are many simple and yet highly effective techniques that can enable everyone to tap into a more positive mindset and handle those negative feelings that we can all experience.

This programme has already shown benefits in:

  • positive reductions in sickness absence and grievances;
  • improved staff engagement;
  • reduced personal stress levels;
  • more productive and positive team working.

In other settings we have coached individuals and delivered workshops to foster personal and team resilience. In many situations we have seen a positive shift in mindset, the ability to work with pressure and increases in productivity.

Our resilience model (shown below) is based upon research and practical experience of facing challenges in the workplace. Our approach is based upon the constant pressure experienced in so many workplaces rather than seeking to encourage bounce back from major life events. We understand that austerity, change, increasing customer expectations can all make work demanding and block the creativity and positive mindset needed to release strengths and enable delivery of outstanding results.

Why not invite us in to talk to you about our work on resilience and experience a taster event to see for yourself.

circle showing 9 dimensions of personal, team & business resilience


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