The GIFT of resilience

Throughout the second half of 2016 I was in a personal dark place, and yet in this I found the GIFT of resilience. I thought I would share this gift with you as my first posting since May last year.

The GIFT helped me, strengthened my appreciation of personal resilience and provided me with much needed space and support. Importantly, by being true to myself and being authentic I have been able to emerge positive about the dark period and appreciative of what I can take with me as I move forward.

Let me share with you this GIFT ….

G for Gratitude

During my dark time I was able to spot those small things for which I could be grateful. The actions of others were certainly something to be grateful for; the cups of coffee brought without asking just when needed. The things that could make me smile even in the dark of the night; the fox running across Leeds Ring Road at 4.00am as I drove across the city to the hospital. The laughter of others, reminding me that life has both dark and light. Feeling gratitude does make a difference and can raise one’s spirits.

I for Investing in self

Others helped me to appreciate that self-care is vital – eat, sleep and take some exercise – all vital to keep yourself healthy. By taking care of myself I was fit for what I wished to be attending to. I was encouraged to take small treats; little time for this, and yet it re-energised me and gave me stories to share to make others smile. It felt indulgent and yet helped to see me through that dark time and bring light to those around me.

F for focusing energy

When times are tough we need all the energy we can get. By re-evaluating what was important and focusing my energy on my priorities I had the energy I needed. I could place my energy where I wished. It was lovely how others around me appreciated my need to do things differently; in focusing my energy I felt supported and cared for by others. And yes, chocolate helps too!

T for taking small steps

As I looked forward life felt (and can still feel) hard. And yet I am able to recognise small steps and appreciate that they help me to move forward. However small the step, recognise its positive impact and its value. Gradually those small steps will grow and striding out will once more be my style of choice. As I stride forward, I realise that I may decide on new and different priorities. That will be fine, for I can take with me the GIFT of resilience.

What is your GIFT to yourself?

Take stock of where you are and what is important to you. Allow yourself the opportunity to appreciate the positives in life, however hard it may be at present. There is always someone who can help and support you; be open to others and accept their help and encouragement. Personal resilience is just that – personal – there are certain identifiable factors and to be ourselves we need to reflect upon what is important and helpful to each of us. Knowing ourselves, being authentic and open to new experiences. All these can help.

The gifts to me included flowers which I share with you in the photograph.

My next posting will be on the topic of coaching; I hope that sharing this with you as my way back helps you to appreciate my absence. If you are going through a dark time and would find a chat helpful, please drop me an email.




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  1. Ken Eastwood
    Ken Eastwood says:

    An insightful and thought provoking post Mary. Thank you for sharing.

    It’s very good to see you back and taking those small steps. Hoping you will be striding forward in no time and that those new and different priorities prove to be interesting, rewarding and fulfilling.

    All the very best.


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