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What made you smile today?

What made you smile today?’ Take 2 minutes to think what has made you smile today? Was it something on your drive in to work? Something one of the kids said? A colleague? A patient? It could be one of many things…..

How did it make you feel? Happy? Valued? Positive?

Those feelings generate positivity in you and can help in your personal resilience.

What is resilience? I hear you ask…..

It is described as being able to accept, cope and deal with stress and adversity, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, be elastic! The ability to be strong and flexible.

Being resilient doesn’t mean you go through life without experiencing stress & pain; people still feel grief, sadness and a range of other emotions, you just learn to deal with them and take control and accept what you cannot control.

Our resilience develops as we grow up and gain better thinking and self-management skills and more knowledge, it comes from supportive relationships with parents, peers and others.

We are all resilient, the teams we work in are resilient, resilience is everywhere, you might just not notice.

Resilient teams generate positive results, provide great patient care, have low sickness rates and are flexible…..

Thinking about those small positive things in life can make you smile – it all helps to strengthen your resilience.

Now ask yourself are you resilient? Is your team resilient? Is your organisation resilient?

I think you will find the answer is YES!

 Thanks to Debbie Jackson of Locala. We had the pleasure of getting to know Debbie as she was one of the facilitators on the Team Resilience Programme delivered for Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy.

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