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Workplaces can flourish with positive emotions

Workplaces can flourish with positive emotions. As I write our March update the snowdrops and crocuses are flourishing and soon the bright yellow daffodils will be out. You are invited to take a brief look at how positive emotions can help us flourish and strengthen our resilience. Look out also for the update on the new StrengthsLeader – fresh on to the market.

Throughout the winter the bulbs have laid dormant and then been energised by the warmth and sunshine (haven’t we all?!) What energises us to blossom, offering up our brightest and best? Lets take a look at a few things we can each do.

Workplaces can flourish – foster positive emotions

Focusing on positive emotions and drawing on our strengths help us to flourish, to be energised and positive. The research from various fields, including neuroscience, continues to add weight to this argument.

Each time we acknowledge a small positive event in our everyday lives, we are helping to develop neural pathways that can shift us towards a more positive mindset. As Martin Seligman tells us, gratitude and appreciation are key to our well-being.

STOP – look around now and think about what you value and what makes you feel positive. It is your choice where you place your attention so allow time in each day to focus on the things that motivate and energise you.

We can each have a positive impact on those around us. For people in the role of team leader / line manager it is vital to encourage and foster people’s strengths. Gallup research indicates that being ignored by one’s direct manager means one’s chances of being actively disengaged is 40%; a focus on weaknesses increases the chance of disengagement by 20%. The action we can take is clear.

Research by Harter & Schimdt (2002) illustrates a clear link between people feeling they have opportunities to do what they do best and higher productivity measures, greater customer loyalty and employee retention.

Personal and team resilience

Our work in the NHS on team resilience continues. We are now at the stage of providing support as the six organisations implement the programme across various teams. We are also working with new clients on personal and team resilience to foster staff engagement and well-being. As we work with different clients we continue to learn and to develop new ways of embedding resilience in organisations.


Coaching continues to be a key aspect of our work. We regularly work with individuals in different contexts to support their personal and professional development. As always, our purpose is to encourage: increased self-awareness; reflection on alternatives; finding new perspectives and depth to issues; reviewing outcomes and learning.

In addition, Mary is currently involved with Bradford University (Faculty of Management & Law) delivering a Masters module on coaching and leadership development; next month she will start supervising a Masters dissertation on the topic of coaching. Already she has booked to attend this year’s Relational Coaching conference at Ashridge – more will follow soon about this.

Strengths and Strengthscope Leader

The BIG news recently is the launch of Strengthscope Leader. An innovative 360 approach for working with leaders, focusing on their strengths and limiting weaknesses. To hear more, take a look at   

Earlier this month James Brewerton (Director of Strengths Partnership) spoke at the NHS Talent Management Conference, challenging his audience to unleash potential by focusing on workplace strengths. Working with strengths can ensure an organisational flow of talent; the approach is productive, with many positive benefits.

Recently we have worked with a strengths approach in a range of SME’s, retail outlets and large public sector organisations. We are always happy to share stories with you about our work

 Talking for charity

I currently have 4 talks booked, all in aid of Alzheimers charities. Please spread the word in your networks to those looking for speakers.

Meet up

We are always pleased to meet up and talk about your challenges and our work. If a taster event would be of interest then please get in touch and we will design something to meet your specific needs.

As always, we hope that this update is of interest and we are always interested to hear from you.

Warmest regards, Mary & John



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